MVZ für Gefäßmedizin und Venenchirurgie | Diagnostics of Vascular Diseases
Dr. med. Mete Camci: Healthy blood vessels for a healthy life! We offer the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the areas of the arterial, venous and lymphatic vascular disease at the highest level.
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Diagnostics of Vascular Diseases

Gentle, modern examination techniques for the diagnosis of arterial, venous, and lymphatic diseases

The Center for Vascular Medicine and Venous Surgery operates on the highest level of quality, supported by modern diagnostic procedures.

The following non-invasive methods are available to diagnose diseases of both the arterial and the venous system:

  • Color-coded duplex sonography
  • Doppler sonography
  • Light reflexion rheography (LRR)
  • Venous occlusion plethysmography
  • Acral pulse wave plethysmography
  • Treadmill stress test


These examination methods also provide an excellent basis for the diagnosis of circulation disorders and thromboses. Additional diagnostic evaluations can be conducted with the support of resident radiologists through MRIs and CT scans, (for example, a suspected pulmonary embolism).