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Dr. med. Mete Camci: Healthy blood vessels for a healthy life! We offer the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the areas of the arterial, venous and lymphatic vascular disease at the highest level.
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Cardiac Checkup

In many cases, diseases of the arteries such as the carotid artery or leg vessels, are related to circulation disorders of the heart. For this reason, the heart should also be examined as part of a preliminary or follow-up exam in patients who evidence existing vascular disease.

If the heart is affected, a severe form of arterial disease is manifested. This so-called coronary artery disease (CAD) is associated with a high risk of heart infarct.


Also important is the optimal management of risk factors for the development or advancement of atherosclerosis or CAD. This includes monitoring blood pressure, blood lipids, and the effective treatment of potentially-existing Diabetes Mellitus (type 2 diabetes).

Exercise can also have a positive effect on the health status of the vascular system. Following a thorough cardiac exam, a consultation on the benefits of a physical fitness program is a deciding factor. Our cardiac team can provide a complete cardiac diagnostic evaluation. (link to flyer)

We can provide you with a comprehensive vascular and cardiac diagnostic evaluation from »a single source« and thereby offer you a complete diagnosis and therapy plan tailored specifically to your individual needs.